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& Assurance

CDP has established the world’s largest repository of data on key environmental parameters with a combined value of $35 tn and 31 gt. Improve your corporate reporting performance through CDP reporting and disclosure. Trinity and Riverstone Environmental can provide third-party verification – an integral part of the disclosure process

Importance of 3rd Party verification

Higher CDP response scores

Improved stakeholder perception

Increased data reliability

Carbon inventory improvement

Verification Standards and Criteria

Our team is capable to apply the following standards

  • ISO 14064-3​
  • Accountability 1000 Assurance Standard
  • The Climate registry (TCR) General Verification Protocol
  • California GHG Mandatory Reporting Regulation (MRR) Verification Standards

T3/Trinity Consultants CDP verification team:

Industry leader recognition

In-depth knowledge of GHG inventories and regulatory requirements

Subject matter expertise on scoring assessments and corporate responsibility disclosure programs

Verification accreditation

ISO 9001 compliant verification practices and operations

Proven track record with >100 GHG emission inventory and 50 verification projects annually