​EHS Modelling Software

Air Dispersion Modelling

The US EPA preferred air dispersion modeling softwares can model for air quality impacts due to industry emissions for permitting and planning purposes, worse-case screening and even long range puff model for complex terrain and meteorological conditions.

GHG Emissions Management

Accounting & Reporting Tool for petroleum and natural gas companies with estimating, managing and reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Storage Tanks Emission Calculation

Robust software product suite that addresses a variety of stores products and related emissions

Consequence ​Modelling

Comprehensive Accidental Release and Consequence Modeling Application

Modelling Data

​The BREEZE Data team is staffed by professional meteorologists and environmental engineers who provide meteorological expertise in obtaining data for your modelling needs. Our team is knowledgeable about sources for data worldwide, potential problems with external data sets and the appropriate ways to address them, and the proper pre-processing techniques for model input.

Don’t compromise your modelling with delayed data availability or improper data handling. Let the BREEZE’s certified meteorologists and engineers process data for you quickly and properly.

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