Leak Detection

and Repair

(LDAR) Program

Leak Detection

and Repair

(LDAR) Program

There is a need for regular inspection of fugitive emissions from leaks, in the form of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

LDAR is a work practice designed to identify leaking equipment so that emissions can be reduced through repairs. A component that is subject to LDAR requirements must be monitored at specified, regular intervals to determine whether or not it is leaking. Any leaking component must then be repaired or replaced within a specified time frame.

LDAR is mainly carried out in chemical industries, refineries and oil & gas industries. Riverstone has provided VOC leak inspection and training services to a wide range of clientele including Petronas Group HSE, Petronas Gas Berhad, Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd and Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd. The field inspections involve use of the infrared (IR) cameras for quick and efficient operation.

What is Optical Gas Imaging (OGI)?

“Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras use spectral wavelength filtering and sterling cooler cold filtering technology to visualize the infrared absorption of VOC/Hydrocarbon, SF6, refrigerants, Carbon Monoxide and other gases whose spectral absorption matches the response of the camera.”

Industry Standard LDAR support

  • Defining LDAR program (including Smart LDAR)
  • Training on LDAR Requirements
  • Hands-on workshop on Method 21 or Smart LDAR Infrared Camera
  • Choosing the right monitoring equipment for your application
    • Method 21: Themofisher’s Toxic Vapour Analyser TVA 2020
    • Smart LDAR with Infrared Camera: FLIR GF series
  • Assisting in software selection program documentation (including Trinity’s custom build LDAR database)
  • 3rd party audit by certified auditorsfrom U.S.

Understanding LDAR Requirements in Malaysia

Presented at Ensearch’s 1-day seminar on: CEMS as Environmental Management Tool in Guided Self Regulation
​The following topics are covered:

Requirements of Clean Air Regulation (CAR) 2014

Understanding Guidance Document on Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

Method 21 vs Smart LDAR (IR Camera)

Fundamentals of Detection of fugitive emissions of Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs)

Key elements of LDAR Program : “Leak Definition” and “Monitoring Components”

​Contact us to find out if Clean Air Regulation 2014 is applicable to your facility. Find out more on LDAR best practices on managing data.

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